Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly

The lavender plants were not the same. The one on the left is American Lavender, on the right, Anouk French Lavender. We transplanted the lily to the sunny side of the yard, and I planted the red salvia to the border of the driveway. The irises are staggering but I think they’ll be all right. My hosta is winning the race with the Boy’s. I check his most mornings, walking over with my coffee while Annie bumbles around the living room. Ryan helped me pick out the Persian something-or-other at Lowe’s just before he quit, as well as some other shade plants. They didn’t know his name at the front desk; I would have quit too.

Phlox in the box and blue columbines next to the caladium. Jay detailed the difference between annuals and perennials, to my chagrin. He was surprised to see my African Violet outside in the incense holder, said most people keep them indoors. I’m glad to know– I’ve been treating my flowers according to a vague methodology involving their names; as in, I assumed that I didn’t need to water the African Violet much (it’s African and must love sun) and it’s been swinging in the incense holder in the sun. Apparently this is not correct. But it’s still blooming! There are websites devoted to the care and propagation of African Violets, by the way. I’ve already broken almost every rule.

Annie’s awoken and is getting angry. I’ll go pick her up and we’ll water the flowers.

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