Rose-colored windshield

Robyn and I got our toes done, her treat. I always take far too long selecting a colour; it’s incredibly stressful, actually. My fingernails still look like a palette. I’m always rushed by the Korean women (Korean?). It’s a personal flaw that I don’t know. An educated person ought to know. Briana, for example, would know. Anyway, they’re pink. My toes. A pinky-beige which isn’t so flattering.

Rebecca! Preggers again! Incredible. I thought it was supposed to be impossible while you’re still nursing. Nature’s way of giving you a break. And heaven knows Avila nurses enough. I’m thrilled and ready to commiserate with her in her never-ending pregnancy woes.

I cleaned my bepetalled car today. I park under the blooming redbud in the driveway. I felt like a princess for two weeks, then I just felt blind. It was like wearing rose-coloured glasses, only redbud glasses. Everything was blooming! I couldn’t see a damned thing.

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  • Burnt Toast wrote:

    You’ve been a busy bee on here. I, on the other hand, have been neglecting writing journal in favor of my losing weight journal and my Korea journal.
    You’re right, I can tell the three big East Asian language apart now.

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