Books and books

The more I read, the more I know I haven’t read. But that’s all right with me. It’s like having a bunch of friends waiting on the sidelines. This site tickles me:

By heaven, the woman can read. She must not have a baby. And where is she getting all her fabulous recommendations?? Perhaps she’s keeping up with such prizes as the Orange Prize, the Pulitzer, and the Booker. Maybe even Oprah’s Book Club.

What I started to say in this post was thanks to the lovely Miss Rachel Merchand. She helped me find a domain name and figure out how to work out all the kinks. Having given her all my passwords, she now owns my life. If I had money, and she was this type of person, she’d probably blackmail me.   Fortunately, she looks like this. And no, those aren’t prison bars.

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