You said you couldn’t cut the mustard

As if it pained you. Did you even know what that meant?

How about, close but no cigar?

Uriah Heep is rising writhing in the forest of my mind

Illiterate mind, ascrawl with shorthand.

Scratchings of a bird foot in the dust.

Maybe Jesus wrote in shorthand at the feet of the prostitute.

Kate swears I’m madonna, the etchings of my furious thoughts

Combining, proving such impossibilities as

Sugarcane, banana, mango and papaya.

Innoculate the exotic.

Immanentize the eschaton.

Ignore the erudite.

Inter the erotic.

Ineffable Elysium.

Isolde the Extraterrestrial.

(Poor Tristan.)

A fig for your thoughts. Ahh put a cork in it. Baby’s sleeping.


  • Burnt Toast wrote:

    Dude, do us all a favor and use footnotes for this. I kept having to look things up.

    A- you’ve made up words. I know feel that I may discard ‘bosom’ and use ‘busoms’ and that you can make no complaint.

    B-Are you having a clandestine romance?

  • Footnotes! eek. I’ve never been good with those.
    In reply:
    A. DID NOT make up a word in this post. Don’t immanentize the eschaton was a political catchphrase in the 1950s. The eschaton referred to end times, a utopia. Immanent means “present, here with us,” (as opposed to imminent–homophones which mean two entirely different things) and while immanentize is not a word, the phrase was used to disparage all the socialistic sentiment of the 50s. As in, don’t try and attain the utopia here and now.

    Uriah Heep was a famous villain in Dicken’s David Copperfield. (Point of mild interest– I actually know a girl called “Riah” who was actually named after Uriah Heep. Wacko parents.)

    Tristan and Isolde were famously unfortunate lovers in Malory’s Morte D’Arthur.

    Elysium comes from Greek mythology, and has become a general word for the afterlife. See Dante’s Inferno.

    Jesus was a historical figure who lived from circa 5 BC to 30 AD.

    B. The only clandestine romance I have is with you, Porch-Dweller.

  • Burnt Toast wrote:

    I looked it all up. Though I did get Uriah Heep wrong. I thought you were into this obscure band from several decades ago.

  • Burnt Toast wrote:

    Also you either missed my typo in my message making fun of your spelling, or you pity me too much to make fun of me about it.


  • The latter, dear. I was merciful. Anyway, you’ve always been attached to your errant misspellings of bosom.

    Speaking of bousums, I need to go buy a brassiere today.

  • Burnt Toast wrote:

    Ugh, pity.
    You spelled inoculate wrong!

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