Monthly Archives: July 2010

Of Crusades

Audrey said in the car the other day that her friend’s mom was going to have a baby.  I said, a brand-new person! She said, New girl new girl, the newest person in the world! I made fried okra for the first time and it was golden and delicious and  hot and I burnt my […]

Some interesting things I know.

Nobody is mean for no reason. Usually you can figure out why. If you can, you should. And keep it in mind. If someone is consistently sarcastic, the fastest and most painful way to get them to stop is to be incredibly vulnerable. It works, but it still takes time. Be heartbreakingly open. There are […]

Jurgen Habermas and Ken Saro-Wiwa

St. Thomas More is getting a face lift by Choate building company. It’s been going on so long that I’d love to graffiti “In” in front of “Choate.” Dunno how many people would laugh. Maybe not worth the trouble. Anyway, now that it’s on the internet, my position is compromised. I’ve been looking at my […]