Monthly Archives: November 2010

From the Velveteen Rabbit

I have, for some reason, a record of The Velveteen Rabbit, read by Meryl Streep. In case you’ve forgotten it, here’s one of the best parts: The Skin Horse had lived longer in the nursery than any of the others. He was so old that his brown coat was bald in patches and showed the […]

Bethlem watcher

Bethlem watcher, night rider, I found your cartography scrolls, saw your  insane calligraphy penned small and scrawling like the tree branches against the now-gathering darkness at five. I read your Old World maps, traced the sea monsters with my fingernail, read in their visages what I once read in a tale  poorly translated from Czech […]

Bridge and Frankenstein

I had hoped Erin would come with me to bridge night; Triangle Bridge Club meets in Durham and Erin and I have been secretly studying Goren, the author of this book I’ve got on Contract Bridge. Shady and Shannon don’t know that we’ve been studying on the sly, but it’s all right because I doubt […]

Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake, red as my lipstick called chrysler passion I’m convalescing. Slightly achy, bones making their presence known. I sifted the confectioners’ sugar, watched peaks form like a vista out of Krakaur. Buttermilk and oil make a Mars scene. Okay was the first word said on the moon. It’s a cold clear fall day […]

Of bureaucracy and mattresses and automobiles.

The weather splintered into fall overnight, it seems. It was just after all that rain that the trees turned. I went walking down to the creek with Molly and the Boy and Annie the other day. At a very propitious moment, the Boy leaned against a tree, assumed an air of nonchalance, and began lecturing […]