Rabid Rabbit

I’ve got “The Pinkeye,” as Robyn’s Persian boss says. It’s a stupid name for a stupid disease. Your eyes get bloodshot and super sensitive to light. I had to buy sunglasses from the Dollar General this morning it was so bad. The only upside is that my eyes look blue against brick-red sclera. I’ve always wanted blue eyes. I’ve never wanted brick-red sclera.

Has anyone heard of Megabus?? Kate was the one who told me about this miracle. Free wi-fi, double decker, traverses the top-right corner of the States. I just bought two return seats to D.C. for six dollars, using a promotional code Kate found in her local paper. If anyone wants the code, tell me. First ten thousand can use it before it runs out. http://us.megabus.com/

Pretty sweet, huh?

The weather finally cleared up too. It’s gorgeous with the trees. Ashley’s working on a house down Jones Ferry and I envy him the drive. All last week was rainy, but the colors seem so different with the varying light. Robyn and I drove to Mann’s Chapel Road, towards Pittsboro, to look at this church for a place for the wedding. Ray and Iris were the ones who found the chapel and told me about it.

The sky was drizzly and grey and we left Annie in the warm car while we walked around.

It doesn’t appear to be used anymore. The marquis is erased. I think they might hold AA meetings in the next door building. The church was locked and we walked all around. In the back was an old door with a brass plaque with lettering. It was a little hard to make out, but I read GEN LEMEN. I imagined a pastor who’d served in the military, maybe as far back as the Civil War. I was dreaming about him as I walked around to the other side, which had a similar brass plate. That one said LADIES. So that was sort of blonde.

Another thing that suggests the church isn’t in use anymore is all the moss underfoot. There were lots of fallen leaves, of course, and in the drizzly weather all the color seemed to be emanating from the things themselves. The leaves smoldered on the ground and the moss looked as wet and sensitive as a healthy dog’s nose. Rainy days are good for that sort of contrast, but autumn is really the best. When the sky doesn’t compete for attention, when it’s as grey as the shade Heather painted her computer room, a shade to calibrate the pictures, so perfectly neutral that all else is utterly radiant. The epic and lovely exodus of carotene and xylophill. I would like to paint my living room that shade so that everyone who visits would be completely their own. Iris has a grey Hungarian glow. Ray has a green one. I have a brick-red sclera glow.


  • Um. I love you.

  • I miss you like crazy. Come back to me. I need raw material like whoa.

  • Trying to leave you a message on the book (which is greatly SUCKING at the moment) so since I can’t leave one there, I will leave one here. I love your writing so much. “I’ve always wanted blue eyes. I’ve never wanted brick-red sclera.” Tee-hee!

    I think you are due for another.

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