Monthly Archives: March 2011

Disenfranchised Running

Running’s a culture, like so many other sports. Is running a sport? I don’t know. You can do it alone so probably not, or people wouldn’t say ‘good sport’ because they’d be talking to themselves. My sister Helen Marie ran a half marathon on Saturday, which doesn’t really register in my brain. It’s beyond my […]

the grownups

I used to think that the fundamental difference between children and grownups was that grownups were calm and reasonable and (usually) right and did not say mean things. Then in eighth grade– I think– or maybe ninth, I knew a grownup who was cruel and held hatred in his heart and who could not control […]

Callery pear

When people suggest joining online mom groups, I balk. Mostly it’s for the reasons detailed in a previous entry, but also… it’s like online dating. It makes you wonder what’s wrong with the person. Bah. I’d rather read Romantic poets and airdry my sodden ego. The Bradford pears are blooming earliest of all and they’ve […]

Honey! Whaddam I doin’ here?!

Kate was teaching Gentle Stretching to a group in a nursing home,when I got to visit her in Pittsburgh last month, and there was an old woman there with Alzheimer’s who was very beautiful with truly blue hair, and she kept asking, Honey! Whaddam I doin here?! And I was very patient and good and […]

Shenanniegans and high jinks

Sometimes I congratulate myself on my foresight. Long ago, when Annie was still naturally curled up like a sleeping hand, I got to thinking about how unpleasant it is when kids say NO. It’s cute at first, then they overdo it. So I made No complicated. I said, Not For You, or Not Kind. Unable […]

the piedmont line

North Carolina! From the train you see the rear view of the countryside, which is always a nice change from the strip malls that blemish every major highway and the new developments, the white eczema of suburbia, Walker Percy called it. Sometimes it’s good to be positioned by the tracks (think towns and industry) but […]