Monthly Archives: April 2011

Are you my Angel?

A chemical imbalance is toeing the line. Toeing the line is sexy and something of a thrill. My brain is thrilling and my mind is loopy. I’m thinking a tangled skein. The pictures of grey matter that look like mushed lima beans are fine and well, but I’ve got string cheese for brains and a […]


I searched for twenty minutes yesterday afternoon through neighborhoods lonesome as Sunday before finding the entrance to the woodlands. I was trying to get back to the same forest from several days ago that I’d found by accident. I couldn’t find the first entrance but I did find another. It was very Narnian– just a […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the redbud

The wisteria smells rotten-sweet, like I imagine the forbidden fruitĀ  might have smelled, lying on the ground with two bites gone. People say apple but it wasn’t named in the bible. Apple sounds far too innocuous. I think it would look more like a star fruit or one of those spiny fellows next to the […]