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William Saroyan

I am an estranged man, said the liar: estranged from myself, from my family, my fellow man, my country, my world, my time, and my culture. I am not estranged from God, although I am a disbeliever in everything about God excepting God indefinable, inside all and careless of all. Here Comes There Goes You […]

old-young eyes

I love gaining the trust of a child, maybe a child of eleven, or six, and when you meet at first they’re shy or lingering, and then, with patience, you draw them out, like spinning a thread (so I imagine) and it’s beautifully quick, suddenly they’re tugging on your fingers, saying let’s go see my […]

Protected: sleepover

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Fishtail braid

I wear a fishtail braid, loose, slung over a shoulder. I don’t wish I were perfect, because still no one else would be. Hurt lurks around every corner. I’m thin-skinned and I wish I weren’t so raw, not so much, but I guess if wishes were horses. I wish I could live in a house […]