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2011, Year of the Magicicada

I packed my clothes and moved out in the year of the cicadas, that illustrious year of the Great Southern Brood XIX. Every staggered thirteen and seventeen years they come, like an Egyptian plague. Most of the North American species hail from the genus Tibicen and are known as the jar fly or, my favorite […]


There’s one thing that never fails to provoke an argument between myself and my sweetie. And that’s the idea that I USED to hold, which was that college prepares you for a job. We’re both in agreement about this. What the Best Beloved maintains, however, is that I’m to blame for having believed it. Naive? […]

Brothers Grimm, Plato

Every minute without you is a pebble in my shoe, I wrote you, not knowing what to call this ache. My chest is a bruised peach. Strange that I should have been complete until the moment I met you. I was astonished, not at your newness, but precisely the opposite: I was astonished because I […]