Chicken Pot Pie– a quick bio.

Ray: Enjoys explaining to people that his name is really Rafael, threatening Bean with kidnapping, and turning on his motorcycle when the Boy’s around just to make him jealous. Can imitate the sound of  his own motorcycle surprisingly well. Favorite movies include Scarface, Monty Python. Says “right on” a lot, sometimes when it doesn’t make sense. Eats no meat, or so he thinks. Has a Canadian wife of Hungarian stock, plays the banjo, likes to introduce his cat Giorgio as “fruit of my loins.” Enjoys a good booty joke.

Hobbies include making the Boy jealous with his motorcycle, eating at Jessee’s, pretending to fix bicycles for other people, keeping the Green Machine alive by the skin of its teeth, tinkering with his Canadian/Hungarian wife’s Tomos, trying to get people to join his cult (Pietown), starting fires, talking about when the hot tub will work, playing his speakers just to frustrate Ashley, acting German, acting Jewish, acting Minnesotan, quitting smoking, searching for his name in my journal.

Dislikes include the word “moist,” the incongruity of his first and last name, and not finding his name in my journal.

Chicken: likes to pretend her name is Jess. Enjoys the attentions of her very Slavic mother, cutting her hair, fretting over her biological clock, painting gorgeous scenes and calling them ugly, driving the Henhouse, talking cameras, buying winter shoes, buying summer shoes, talking art, searching for her name in my journal. Also enjoys finishing other peoples’ puzzles that are almost done and which they did not need help with.

Dislikes include: running into exs, dust bunnies, mold, lack of sunlight, people who pluck her eyebrows into question marks.

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