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Activities: Heart palpitations, painting my nails, reading short stories in the New Yorker, baking pies, cookies, decadent cakes, quiches, forcing people to eat what I make, writing everything down, get rich quick schemes, figuring out how to be famous, shaping Annie’s brand-new mind, reading Go Dog, Go, feeding her free orange slices from the supermarket, cutting my hair when I’m sad, trying not to cut my hair.

Interests: What’s for dinner, Iris, electric blankets, lip gloss like flypaper, those little cocktail umbrellas that go in your margarita or hair, succulents in my garden, shades of nail polish like birds of paradise, Doctor Dictionary, people who make me laugh, reading belles lettres.

fun game

In a manner of speaking, people were not who they appeared. The jack o‚Äôlanterns were grinning, grinning up and down the lane like an appreciative audience. Fire hydrant, said the dogs. Heaven-sent. Howl enough. Ribsy ribsy. Fortuitous leaves shade the sidewalks. Sinister furry things, winged bats velvet as night. They sing Kyrie Eleison, Lord have […]

An autodidact is always attractive.

It’s a flammable world, and we are the tinder. Spar masts and flax rigging, your English sails wouldn’t bear the heat, whiplashed and snapping like a thunderclap. Ashley’s playing electric guitar and I’m drinking already. It surprises me when people say I’m well-read. It’s not true, but I like it. An autodidact is always attractive. […]

Angst-ridden journal entry from somewhere in the black hole of Microsoft documents.

She had wanted a boy who would call her Baby, just like that, like a name and less that she was his child but she wanted that too, how could she want so much and how could he give it all and retain his importance? It was that importance with which she was unfamiliar. His […]

I keep wishing for the days to go faster. They stretch interminably, blue sky blue sky blue sky long.

I keep wishing for the days to go faster. They stretch interminably, blue sky blue sky blue sky long.

Thursday, February 25th

2010. Tomorrow is my brother Adam’s birthday. I wish I had money to get him something great– actually I wish I had cash laying around that I could send him for his tattoo fund. The boy has so many already, however. Tattoos really are addictive; I have one on my ankle which is fading. I […]

Dear Manderley, I’d like spring-roasted chicken for dinner.

Lately I’ve been feeling like the most girlie girl in history; I’ve been lying on the couch reading Jane Austen’s Emma and eating bonbons. A couple nights ago I netflixed Little Women and cried three times. Not that I thought it was a particularly good movie; in fact, I didn’t like it. Laurie was an […]

Dear Bri-bot,

Sorry. Let’s do a nice topic next, yes? It must be hard to read that one, just as it was hard to write. Not very well-written either. NOW! Onto bigger and better things! Your post! Let’s see. I think you should write about another time. Or maybe do it over? I feel okay saying that […]