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Activities: Heart palpitations, painting my nails, reading short stories in the New Yorker, baking pies, cookies, decadent cakes, quiches, forcing people to eat what I make, writing everything down, get rich quick schemes, figuring out how to be famous, shaping Annie’s brand-new mind, reading Go Dog, Go, feeding her free orange slices from the supermarket, cutting my hair when I’m sad, trying not to cut my hair.

Interests: What’s for dinner, Iris, electric blankets, lip gloss like flypaper, those little cocktail umbrellas that go in your margarita or hair, succulents in my garden, shades of nail polish like birds of paradise, Doctor Dictionary, people who make me laugh, reading belles lettres.

Are you my Angel?

A chemical imbalance is toeing the line. Toeing the line is sexy and something of a thrill. My brain is thrilling and my mind is loopy. I’m thinking a tangled skein. The pictures of grey matter that look like mushed lima beans are fine and well, but I’ve got string cheese for brains and a […]


I searched for twenty minutes yesterday afternoon through neighborhoods lonesome as Sunday before finding the entrance to the woodlands. I was trying to get back to the same forest from several days ago that I’d found by accident. I couldn’t find the first entrance but I did find another. It was very Narnian– just a […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the redbud

The wisteria smells rotten-sweet, like I imagine the forbidden fruitĀ  might have smelled, lying on the ground with two bites gone. People say apple but it wasn’t named in the bible. Apple sounds far too innocuous. I think it would look more like a star fruit or one of those spiny fellows next to the […]

Disenfranchised Running

Running’s a culture, like so many other sports. Is running a sport? I don’t know. You can do it alone so probably not, or people wouldn’t say ‘good sport’ because they’d be talking to themselves. My sister Helen Marie ran a half marathon on Saturday, which doesn’t really register in my brain. It’s beyond my […]

the grownups

I used to think that the fundamental difference between children and grownups was that grownups were calm and reasonable and (usually) right and did not say mean things. Then in eighth grade– I think– or maybe ninth, I knew a grownup who was cruel and held hatred in his heart and who could not control […]

Callery pear

When people suggest joining online mom groups, I balk. Mostly it’s for the reasons detailed in a previous entry, but also… it’s like online dating. It makes you wonder what’s wrong with the person. Bah. I’d rather read Romantic poets and airdry my sodden ego. The Bradford pears are blooming earliest of all and they’ve […]

Honey! Whaddam I doin’ here?!

Kate was teaching Gentle Stretching to a group in a nursing home,when I got to visit her in Pittsburgh last month, and there was an old woman there with Alzheimer’s who was very beautiful with truly blue hair, and she kept asking, Honey! Whaddam I doin here?! And I was very patient and good and […]