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Activities: Heart palpitations, painting my nails, reading short stories in the New Yorker, baking pies, cookies, decadent cakes, quiches, forcing people to eat what I make, writing everything down, get rich quick schemes, figuring out how to be famous, shaping Annie’s brand-new mind, reading Go Dog, Go, feeding her free orange slices from the supermarket, cutting my hair when I’m sad, trying not to cut my hair.

Interests: What’s for dinner, Iris, electric blankets, lip gloss like flypaper, those little cocktail umbrellas that go in your margarita or hair, succulents in my garden, shades of nail polish like birds of paradise, Doctor Dictionary, people who make me laugh, reading belles lettres.

Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake, red as my lipstick called chrysler passion I’m convalescing. Slightly achy, bones making their presence known. I sifted the confectioners’ sugar, watched peaks form like a vista out of Krakaur. Buttermilk and oil make a Mars scene. Okay was the first word said on the moon. It’s a cold clear fall day […]

Of bureaucracy and mattresses and automobiles.

The weather splintered into fall overnight, it seems. It was just after all that rain that the trees turned. I went walking down to the creek with Molly and the Boy and Annie the other day. At a very propitious moment, the Boy leaned against a tree, assumed an air of nonchalance, and began lecturing […]

Hic Jacet Arturus Rex Quondam Rex Que Futurus

Rebecca kept recommending The Once and Future King to me, and I finally ordered it on paperbackswap. I read it slowly, because I wanted to savor it. Most of you have read Arthurian romances. I’ve read a lot. I’ve read lots of Malory (but not the whole Morte D’Arthur) and the Pre-Raphaelites, who were obsessed, […]

Girls’ Weekend

Rereading some of the old entries on this makes me want to write. How egoistic. I did tell Kate I’d write about the trip to Ohio though, so I have double motivation. So Robyn came with me! It was such a great girls’ trip. I picked her up at her house after I’d got the […]

Holiday in D.C.

  Briana and Heather kept asking for details of our holiday in D.C., and I typed it up then never posted it. So here you are, girls. So we drove first on Friday to D.C., which took longer than it should have because you have to factor in diaper stops as well as pit stops. […]

A house is a house, of course of course

I remember, as a girl, reading novels in which the author described the house or landscape or town layout and often it would be different from what I’d imagined. Maybe I was OCD, or maybe this is common, but if the author’s picture differed too much from my own, I’d have to actually bring a […]

Of Crusades

Audrey said in the car the other day that her friend’s mom was going to have a baby.  I said, a brand-new person! She said, New girl new girl, the newest person in the world! I made fried okra for the first time and it was golden and delicious and  hot and I burnt my […]