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Life after dark.

Life after Dark. These days the sun goes down early, around six. Earlier for us, even, because we live on the eastern side of a hill so the tallest trees begin to cast their shadows at four. In the winter, in January, I wait for Ashley to come home. I remember a year ago when […]

Dear Briana,

A word of caution: while I may be engaged to Ashley, I was planning on marrying Christian Bale. So. There you have it. I miss you so much that polygamy might be okay, but I think after a couple months of planning his dinners together at Driade over Americanos and cigarettes, we might get on […]

Dear Briana,

Last night Ashley Annie Robyn and I watched Into The Wild. I got so mad I could’ve yelled. And I did. Basically, if you haven’t seen the movie, a rich kid who’s abnormally good-looking in a surfer boy with artistic stubble way (HOW DID HE GET A RAZOR IN THE WILd?!?!!) deserts his prospects, parents, […]

[No Title]

She’d been reading for days. Books lay piled on every surface, ill-treated, the spines of paperbacks bent out like wings, pages dog-eared, ribbons as bookmarks and scraps of paper littering the floor. Her best friend once said she made pretty messes. She took that to mean artistic messes. The kind with half-empty wine glasses, dessert […]