Succulents in my garden

Succulents in my garden, potting soil under my nails. I’ve got a big bruise on my shin already from pushing Audrey on the tree swing. What a swing! I’m already plotting my own. Craigslist has tractor tires for free. I think I’ll drill holes and make it the sort that’s level with the ground– as […]

Rose-colored windshield

Robyn and I got our toes done, her treat. I always take far too long selecting a colour; it’s incredibly stressful, actually. My fingernails still look like a palette. I’m always rushed by the Korean women (Korean?). It’s a personal flaw that I don’t know. An educated person ought to know. Briana, for example, would […]

Champagne mangoes and a peeled black plum

I keep meaning to update Annie’s month-by-month journal but I get distracted. She’s messing with the records, chewing My Bloody Valentine and tonguing the plastic on Hadyn. The pollen on my laptop is a thin film of green which comes off on my fingertips and only QWERTY is black again. I’m thinking of the pool […]

Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly

The lavender plants were not the same. The one on the left is American Lavender, on the right, Anouk French Lavender. We transplanted the lily to the sunny side of the yard, and I planted the red salvia to the border of the driveway. The irises are staggering but I think they’ll be all right. […]

Crime, by its nature, is retrospective.

The guest on NPR said, “Crime, by its nature, is retrospective; you can’t examine it without looking back.” I’m rereading “Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading,” which makes me want to write. I’d love a job where I read for money. I do it constantly anyway. Tomorrow I’m having all four wisdom teeth out and they […]

never did make sense in context

There was so much to write about that year. India’s journal was predictable in red and gold filigree, curry smeared in the pages of Shantonab’s cookbook. Chili wanted to stay for a month free of charge, which was all right with Africa because she didn’t like being alone at night anyway. Sanford was everywhere with […]


You didn’t look nine months pregnant. You said you felt it, though. Said you felt like a pepper grinder in dance class. I thought that was so funny, it kept running through my mind. Your house reminded me of the Alamo. It was spare, with adobe walls. I can’t say that it’s a very apt […]